GIRL MEETS BOY – wins prize in Berlin

16.09.2020:  FRANZISKA WEISZ winn’s prize vor BEST MAIN ACTRESS in ”GIRL MEETS BOY” written & directed by Ferdinand Arthuber at THE BIG SHORTS AWARDS 2020 in Berlin.   [...]

Glamorous night for ”The Glory Is Gone” at Vienna Hofburg

  The first given ROMY (Austrian film- & tv-award) for a new category   Best Shortform/digital  2019

ROMY 2019 – (Vienna)

The Prime-Original-Series ”The Glory Is Gone’ winns the first ROMY ever for – Best Shortform/digital  2019

The glory is gone # 5

Start: 28th of December exclusive on Amazom Prime Video!

Celebrating Great Storytelling


Why TV series from US are so good

  serieboom  (mai 2018)

Award-winning web-comedy that shows the funny side of a midlife crisis soon in over 200 country’s to see on Amazon Prime Video

DLIA goes AMAZON Prime Original // World-Premiere in Berlin Germany

                      13th December 2017, BERLIN


ROOTS starts Easter 17 on HISTORY-Channel